Attack of the $100 Million House!

Via MSN Real Estate, a glimpse into the world of ultraluxury listings ringing in at a whopping $100,000,000 or more. The very upper reaches of the real estate market survive in their own stratosphere, where money is no object and status is paramount. Well, as it turns out, a hundred million bucks buys you a whole lot of it.

These recently listed or sold residences round out the featured group:

  1. A New York penthouse occupying 3,500 square feet. In one room
  2. A 42,500-square-foot Texas compound with a full-floor theater room.
  3. A 47-acre spread in the heart of Silicon Valley (with the condition that the current owner can live there until she dies).
  4. A 9,000-square-foot duplex in New York’s Bloomberg Tower featuring a double-story living room.
  5. Late fashion mogul Gianni Versace’s Miami estate, boasting a 54-foot pool lined with 24-karat gold.
  6. A Los Angeles-area French Chateau containing a ballroom for 200 guests.
  7. A Beverly Hills compound that’s also available to rent for $600,000 a month.
  8. The country’s first $100 million existing-home sale, which includes a private car wash.
  9. A $103,000,000 empty parcel in New York’s tony Hamptons.
  10. A yet-to-be-completed 11,000-square-foot penthouse with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Central Park.
  11. A 60,000-square-foot Florida home with a 50-car garage previously owned by Donald Trump.


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